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Guild of Dog Trainers welcomes you

The Guild of Dog Trainers (GODT) has a vision to be the leading professional body for Dog Trainers in the UK, and is on course to achieving that success which it will share with the membership.
It offers a modern organisation with the best trained and qualified membership in Britain today - thereby offering the public a mark of excellence when they choose a GODT trainer.

THE GODT motto is "Lead by example. Teach, that you may learn", and seeks to express a commitment to continued professional learning of the behaviour of dogs and their sometimes complex relationships with people. Its cutting edge dog training methods are rapid, positive and most of all practical. The Guild are committed to maintaining and improving the quality of dog training, behaviour and companion dog ownership by working with others to offer professional support and educational development for the future dog owning community, thereby sustaining and increasing public confidence in assessment of dog training standards and practices present and future.

The Guild’s aim is also to inspire and to help those who are to be educated and tutored in dog training and encourages Guild encourages the development of individual trainers as educators and will support and reward by means of appropriate levels of membership and course development. The GODT is the only organisation in Britain to offer Middlesex University accredited courses in dog training instruction and the standard is very high, whereby the candidate must complete approximately 457 hours study, incorporating dog behaviour and psychology to underpin the dog training component part of the certificate.

If you are an experienced trainer with over two years experience then you can join the Guild, providing you meet its rules and regulations. Master Guild Trainers need at least seven years experience and other requirements. See web site .

Experienced trainers who wish to gain our National Instructors Certificate certainly have few problems passing the workshops. the GODT welcomes many methods of dog training and respects the acquired knowledge and experience that trainers frequently bring into our courses.
Many new candidates passed the February 2008 hands on Instructors Certificate and this year alone it expects to qualify over 100 new Instructors who will be eligible to join the Guild of Dog Trainers. These same candidates have also gained 50 credits towards a Middlesex University HE, Diploma or BA Hons Degree if they wish to proceed further in Canine education, the choice is theirs.

In pursuit of those training aims the GODT will seek to be inclusive rather than exclusive in its membership and dog training activities, transcending the traditional boundaries between the different canine disciplines of obedience, agility, working trials, pet dog training and others and, particularly, between academic and practically based dog training.

Many dogs that are identified as problem dogs are in fact dogs which have poor development and social skills and often re direct their energy into behaviour which causes owners immense distress. Too many dogs are simply bored and this energy is redirected into negative activity behaviour. That’s why The Guild Of Dog Trainers support and accept Dog Obedience Club Trainers, Trails, Agility, Flyball and other professional training disciplines which can excite and promote a life of interesting activity, intellectual stimulation for the pet dog and its owner.

Guild members are required to maintain through their quality of work, commitment to customer care and modern level of dog training knowledge.

For more information on the Guild of Dog Trainers, its levels and routes of entry please view or speak to JUDY the registrar on Tel: 0208 144 5849.