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Overseas Titles

The General Committee has approved the following policy of formally accepting, for registration purposes, overseas national or international show and other titles, plus International Field Trial Champion and other working titles as follows:

a) The Champion title of the home country will be the only one recorded on the registration system, along with any recognised Kennel Club titles. Existing records will of course remain, but the Kennel Club will no longer add multiple titles to a dog’s registration record, with the exception of b) and c) below.

b) Irish Kennel Club titles will be recognised and recorded in all disciplines provided these have been agreed by the appropriate sub-committee and the General Committee.
c) The title of FCI International Champion will continue to be recognised and recorded as at present.

Any other overseas titles will only be considered where a comparable title exists in the UK and where the overseas country test is considered to be of a similar standard to that existing in the UK. Such titles will only be added if the relevant sub committee makes a recommendation of acceptance to the General Committee.

This decision does not affect the number of Champion titles an owner may wish to record on show entry forms, and applies only to the Kennel Club’s registration database.