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Running out of room?

HAVE YOU ever tried to fill in a form and found there is not enough room for what you need to write? It happens on computers too. If the programme does not leave enough spaces in the field you run out of room before you have input all the data – and with computers you can’t keep writing over the edge of the box!

When the kennel Club computer registrations system was finalised and pronounced good (after several false starts) there was plenty of room on the forms. But that was before the Pet Passport Scheme increased ease of travelling with dogs to the UK which enabled more foreign dogs to compete in the UK, more UK dogs to compete overseas and more overseas stud dogs being used. The problem is not with the names but with the titles so the KC has had to limit the data you can put in this field. A lot of dogs now carry multiple titles. Your dog can be a champion in different countries as well as being an international champion so Eng, Ir. Ger, Fr, Fin, It Ch. Snobabitch of Sloane will no longer be accepted.

To solve the problem and to ensure that all dogs are treated equally the General Committee has introduced a new policy as set out in the highlighted box. In essence, only ‘champion’ title awarded in the dog’s home country and approved FCI ‘International Champion’ will be accepted although there are some exceptions. This does not affect what you put on your own documentation such as pedigree forms and show entry forms. It only applies to the official registration forms on the KC database.