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Schnauzer of the Year

Schnauzer of the Year

The 10th anniversary of the Schnauzer Club of Great Britain ‘Schnauzer of the Year’ was held at the Novotel Hotel, Long Eaton, on March 15. The event was well supported, with over 90 people in attendance and 50 dogs entered for our judges to assess, writes Gail Wise, SOY co-ordinator
As per usual, the judges were kept secret until the event itself. This year we had two well-known judges; Glyn Payne & Karina Le Mare, of the famous ‘Helmlake’ affix, having bred many Champion Great Danes and Dobermanns, Karina has judged all over the world. Glyn has judged many breeds extensively all over Europe, he has made up Champion winning Bulldogs and Mastiffs under his ‘Fearnought’ affix.

Glyn took charge of the proceedings judging the puppies down to his final three; Mr Alan Hood’s Giant Schnauzer, Riesenheim Shake Yer Booty At Bryonyhill; Mrs Karen Bradbury Hall’s Schnauzer, A Good Move To Xphials & Miss Jo Barton’s Miniature Schnauzer, Wellingley What’s The Game At Beanara JW.

After refreshments it was Karina’s turn to take centre stage and judge the adult section, down to her final three; Mrs Sarah Hatrell’s Giant Schnauzer, Ch Khinjan Cinnabar; Anne & Andy Beel’s Schnauzer, Ch. Miccosukees Marguerite & Dennis & Joan Shaw’s Miniature Schnauzer – Ch. Ashencruz Allegiance To Denbrough.

Both judges were then required to assess the six finalists. After some deliberation, the eventual winners were announced.

The Schnauzer Puppy Of The Year was awarded to the Schnauzer - Karen Bradbury Hall’s A Good Move To Xphials

This year’s Schnauzer Of The Year winner was the 2007 top winning Miniature Schnauzer, Dennis & Joan Shaw’s Ch. Ashencruz Allegiance To Denbrough, as ever, handled by daughter Laura.
The whole day was a great success and enjoyed by all. The judges were particularly impressed by the support and camaraderie shown to each other by all of the competitors. The raffle was well supported and raised £211. Special thanks go to Jack Krall for his excellent influential skills at persuading people to part with their cash.

As always, the Schnauzer of The Year event is very generously supported by Royal Canin, Burns Pet Food and Pet Project. Many thanks to our generous sponsors, who ensured nobody attending the event, went home empty handed.

The event flew by and before you knew it the judging had come to an end. The celebrations continued with many guests remaining to enjoy the independently organised popular dinner and dance. All proceeds from the evening were donated to this year’s nominated charity, ‘Schnauzer Rescue’.

Plans are already in progress for next year’s event.