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Celebrities and cold wet noses!

Emily SharrattThe first ever Cold Wet Nose Show took place on 12th July at Loseley Park, Surrey and was very warmly received by all – even if the weather for the whole week before had been menacingly cold and wet! TV and Crufts personality Peter Purves did the honours in the main ring and had an action packed day. He said afterwards: ‘The organisers deserve much credit for getting it so right on a first show.’ The event was designed to be a celebration of dog ownership, a massive dog party – it was even called ‘Doggie Glastonbury’ in some papers! The special day was also an opportunity to encourage the media to highlight positive dog stories for a change.

Mike McClean, a presenter from Channel 4’s Richard and Judy show, had been challenged to win a rosette at the event and therefore turned up in every competition from look-alikes to Dog Brain of Britain. But the judges were having none of it and refused to be biased, even with a TV camera pointed at them! In each class he was beaten by lots of very talented children and their pets – but he still went home extremely happy even if a 1st prize did elude him!

Two surprise awards were made on the day, one of which went to super-vet Noel Fitzpatrick who is the first vet to fit dogs with bionic limbs. Noel is currently treating Chris Evans’ German Shepherd Enzo for a serious spinal problem and has created a new operation to try to give him pain-free mobilaity. Chris, along with many other pet owners, think the world of Noel who has recently opened a £10million referral centre for orthopaedics and neurology complete with a brand new MRI scanner and a hydrotherapy pool.

Chris EvansChris agreed to ‘kidnap’ work-aholic Noel and bring him to the show to give him his Cold Wet Nose Warm Heart award. Orginally, he was planning on using his helicopter, but as Chris only recently got his pilot’s licence he wasn’t allowed to fly if there was any chance of rain. Consequently, one of his many Ferraris had an outing instead!

It was a very emotionaly charged awards ceremony and Chris was further taken aback to be awarded Celebrity Dog Owner of Year for the way he talks about dogs on his BBC Radio 2 drivetime show and the dedication he has shown to Enzo during his treatment.

The action-packed day finished with a rousing finale: Kate and Gin from Britain’s Got Talent performed a brand new routine inspired by Kate’s outing to the Mamma Mia premiere.

A date has yet to be set for next year’s show, but the intention is for it to become an annual event. As Chris said on his radio programme the next day: ‘They said on the posters it was the best fun a dog and his family could have all summer – and they were absolutely right! This show will get bigger and bigger.’

Kate and Gin Kate Nicholas
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