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Zena’s thanks

I would like to thank all the individuals, Clubs, Associations and Societies who sent very kind condolences and messages of support on the sad passing of my husband Terry Thorn.

As can be imagined, it has been a very traumatic 17 months since Terry was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We tried, between treatments, to carry on as normal a life as possible, but the past few months have been very difficult for us both. Terry bore with great fortitude the pain of his illness, and remained as cheerful as only he could. We were hoping he could have come home after seven weeks in St Richards’ Hospice, Worcester, but it was not to be.

There was not a single day since February 2007, when the post did not bring at least one card or message of support from all his great friends in the world of dogs. I have also been inundated with kind words, letters, and cards well into the hundreds, in the first four days alone. I appreciate all these kind words and support offered, and they have strengthened me in these dismal days. He will not be forgotten.

There will be a memorial service on the 27th August at 1.30pm at St Mary’s Church, Kempsey, Worcester, and it is hoped that as many as wish to attend will do so.