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Rhodesian Ridgeback exhibitor banned

Stephen J Baldwin of the well-known Mangwe Rhodesian Ridgebacks has been banned from all dog pursuits for four years after a hearing at Oldham Magistrate’s court found him guilty of an offence of harassment involving an officer from the Midlands & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club, during 2005.

Stephen BaldwinThe offence, which involved Club Officer Sheila Firth, amounted to the harassment of her in that he had sent her a number of emails and letters in relation to a dog club to which she belongs to and which Mr Baldwin trying to rejoin, which was contrary to Section 2(1) and (2) Protection of Harassment Act 1997.

The Mangwe kennels were established in 1980 by Mr Baldwin and his wife Joanne. During this time they bred 10 UK champions and numerous CC winners. They were also Top Breeders for Rhodesian Ridgebacks in 1998, 1999 and 2000 and have exported to many countries all over the world. Many of these have achieved championship status.

Both Mr Baldwin and his wife are breed judges being eligible to award Challenge Certificates and judge under F.C.I. regulations.

The KCCommittee imposed the following penalties:

1, To disqualify him from exhibiting at, taking part in, attending and/or having any connection with any event licensed by the Club. If any person disqualified under this sub-paragraph shall attend any canine event whilst disqualified the General Committee shall have the power to increase the period of disqualification.

2, To disqualify him from being or becoming a member of any canine club or society registered with or affiliated to the Kennel Club.

3, To disqualify him from acting as an Officer or serving on the committee of any canine society.

4, To disqualify him from taking part in the management of any event licensed by the club.

5, To disqualify him from judging at any event licensed by the Club.

6, To disqualify him from effecting registrations of any or all dogs and/or progeny of such dogs which are owned and/or registered by him (whether or not jointly owned and/or whether or not owned and/or registered in the name of a nominee).

The suspensions and disqualifications are to be for a period of Four (4) years from 26th June 2008.

The Committee, following the impositions of these penalties, would draw the attention of the Respondent to the effect of Rule A 42 sub-section n.

It was the Committee’s view that officers of a Kennel Club Registered Society who act in a voluntary capacity should not be subject to or at risk from harassment and unwarranted interference and approaches in the administration of the affairs of the society.

There were no submissions or attendance of Mr Baldwin.