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Five pups back with owner after dognapping ordeal

Five Jack Russell puppies dumped on a Brighton doorstep in the dead of night have been re-united with their owners 20 miles away.

The litter was left on the doorstep of a private house in Brighton, the house apparently chosen at random. The pups were taken to Brighton & Hove City Council’s animal welfare service who arranged for them to be looked after at a local vet.

Animal welfare officer Sue Watson put two and two together when she saw a short news item in a local newspaper four days later about five puppies being stolen from an address in Maplehurst, near Horsham in Sussex. They went missing the night before turning up in Brighton.

Sue contacted police saying the pups were safe. They were returned to their owner a week after disappearing.

“It’s great to have a happy ending,” says Sue. “It’s thought the thieves went to the address looking to find other equipment, saw the puppies and took them on the spur of the moment.

These dogs would have been difficult to sell as their tails had been docked, which requires special permission. These particular ones will be working dogs so it has been done legally.”