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Going the extra mile

We’re constantly hearing about those in the dog showing world that take but don’t give back, so it’s always comforting to know that there are those of us who continually go the extra mile to give something back.

Gill GrayGill Gray is usually seen around the rings with her husband Gary and their German Shepherds, they’ve certainly had their fair share of top honours in the breed & group rings. After losing two very close friends and one of her dogs to cancer she and three colleagues decided on a true challenge to raisemoney for both the Animal Cancer Trust and Cancer Research.

She could have organised a companion dog show, no she’s already doing that for Vigil GSD Rescue in conjunction with a forthcoming breed club show that she is secretary of.

Gill wanted to do something more challenging so last week Gill, with her three friends and her six and a half year old GSD Travis, Ch. Slatehouse Mannus, conquered the three peaks, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon, in no less that three days.

“To walk for an average of eight hours per day is hard enough but to scale the heights of these mountains is a real feat” says Gill, “We started at Ben Nevis because firstly it was the furthest to travel from home, but more importantly was the highest at 4,406 feet, you actually start the walk from sea level, whereas the other two mountains you are at a higher starting point. As for Travis, he was in full physical condition, but there were times when he’d look at me as if I were insane, we took lots of short breaks & watering stops, I even had some special boots for him to ensure his feet were protected from the often sharp rocks & boulders. As all good dogs are he was just happy to tag along and greet the other walkers on the journey, he was a
real star”.

So far they have raised nearly £2,000 for the charities but additional donations would always be welcome. If anyone wishes to add to this amazing sum please call Gill on 01380 850483.