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Terrier bites Purves

OUR DOGS’ Peter Purves has been treated in hospital after being bitten by a terrier at a dog show, the event organisers said.

The Crufts commentator was injured as he hosted an All About Dogs day at Notcutts Garden Centre, in Norwich, on Sunday. Peter Purves suffered a gash to his hand and was accompanied to
hospital by Sarah Brighton, events manager at Notcutts.

“Peter was just looking at the dog when it jumped up and he got bitten on his hand,” she said. All he wanted to do was get back to present the show. We are very grateful that he came back after going to the hospital.”

Mr Purves later described his injury as “no big deal”. “It wasn't bad at all - it’s a deep puncture wound to my left hand,” he said. “We staunched the blood - there was rather a lot - on site, bandaged me up and I continued judging the class. I then went to Norwich hospital where they treated me in accident and emergency - no sutures because it was too deep - and I had a tetanus jab and some antibiotics. I was back at Notcutts garden centre by 1.30pm and continued judging. No problem at all. It was a dog bite, and luckily they are rare - certainly at dog shows.”

Spoken like a true dogman!