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Shock at Uganda dog meat arrests

Residents of Uganda's capital, Kampala, have expressed shock at the arrest of two men believed to have been passing off dog meat as goat.

The BBC's Joshua Mmali says dog meat is not eaten in Uganda and the subject has dominated radio discussion programmes.

Hundreds of people went to the police station where the suspects were being held to express their anger, Uganda's state-run New Vision paper reports.

One of the suspects told the paper he had not intended to sell the meat.

"This is my home dog which I have been rearing. I killed it on demand of my spirits who directed me to offer its body parts to them," he was quoted as saying.

The men were caught with the carcass of the dog, which had had its head and tail cut off.

"We are investigating information that the suspects own a butchery in one of the city suburbs where they sell such meat," Inspector Bernard Otim told New Vision.