Tails wag again at ‘Wag & Bone’

THEY SAY that ‘Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder’ and this was certainly true of a wonderful canine event held in Windsor Great Park from 2003 to 2006 and making a very welcome return after a break in 2007; the Wag & Bone Show was back last weekend – and it was bigger and better than ever!

It really was like greeting an old friend to see that Wag & Bone still had the same fantastic mix of fun events, educational displays, trade and charity stands and a whole lot more but mind bogglingly even more of everything! In fact, the old friend had had a bit of a nip ‘n’ tuck and looked all the better for it.

Wag & Bone was, of course, originally staged by Dogs Today magazine. It made its return now being organised by the HPower Group, the organisers of the Royal Windsor and Olympia Horse Shows, with the principle sponsor being the leading pet care company Purina Petcare. All profits from the show would benefit no less than and major animal charities, namely Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, The Blue Cross, Dogs Trust, the Kennel Club Charitable Trust, PDSA, RSPCA and Wood Green Animal Shelters.

Plenty to do

Visitors were, as ever, encouraged to bring their own dogs along and there were literally thousands of people and pets through the gate. Once inside, there was plenty for them to see and do, including such events as various heats of SCRUFFTS companion dog show, Doggie Water Bobbing, the Doggies Dash and tunnel maze trials. And to take things more sedately there was the extremely popular Question and Answer sessions on behaviour and training, with various experts including Dr Roger Mugford and Nina Bonderenko being interviewed by Chris Wass of Dogs Trust in the charity’s ‘On The Couch’ sessions.

The ‘usual suspects’ were to be found in the charity’s tent, including PetLog, Dog Theft Action and the Bella Moss Foundation. The main commentator for the day was who else but Peter Purves, looking fit and tanned and not at all at death’s door as some media reports would have you believe after he suffered a dog bite to his hand at a show the previous weekend. Okay, it was a nasty bite, but Peter, as ever the true professional, carried on regardless… and of course he was every bit as popular with his many fans at Wag & Bone.

Someone just starting out on the heady path of celebrity is 16 year-old Kate Nicholas, who wowed the crowds with her dancing dog Gin. Miss Nicholas is certainly not at all effected by the fame (and hopefully fortune) that has come her way since she and Gin appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, this being perfectly clear as she happily signed autographs for her fans of all ages after giving a spectacular performance in the ring when she and Gin executed a tremendous ABBA routine.

OUR DOGS’ own Funky Vet columnist Marc Abraham donned his vet’s fatigues to look his usual smouldering self as he judged the Child’s Best Friend heat of SCRUFFTS.

There was only one cloud on the horizon – a very big wet one – which made its presence felt with a 15 minute downpour mid afternoon, before wending its way past Windsor. This torrential cloudburst didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits for long, as the sun shone for the rest of the day. In short, a fantastic time was had by all - and the only regret that anyone had was that it would be a full year before they could once again greet their old friend the Wag & Bone Show.

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