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Woman told to release stray Westie

A MEMBER of the public who found a stray terrier has told of her shock when council staff told her to release it back on the street.

Amanda Jackson asked officials to care for the pet after it wandered into the shop where she works. However, a Derby City Council employee said he could not help because the authority's kennels were full.

The council has now apologised and the dog, a West Highland terrier called Bella, has been returned to her owner.

Ms Jackson, who works in a shop in Allenton, said Bella had a contact number on her collar but she was unable to get through and so contacted the council for help. She explained: "They said: 'There are no kennels for tonight, they're all full, so either someone can take her in for the night or put her back on the street. There was no way I was putting a stray dog on the street. Nobody in their right mind should put another living being on to the street and expect someone else to deal with it.’

City councillor Bob Troup said: ‘She should not have been told that. She should have been helped to find a place for the dog overnight. There is a problem in the summer - the number of stray dogs peaks because of children on school holidays playing with dogs and letting them get away. We are planning to get some more kennels in Derby to act as a holding kennel at peak times.’