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Kennel Club documents for sale on ebay

E-bay is probably one of the best known auction sites on the internet and is used by many dog owners and breeders to buy memorabilia, but it has come to Our Dogs attention that a seller from Wednesbury, West Midlands has two adverts offering items for sale which bring into question just how pedigree some dogs, really are. Offering item 290251127272 which is described as Staffordshire Bull Terrier KC CERTIFICATE the seller offers owners whose dogs are not registered or were sold with out papers the chance to purchase them. The seller goes on to say that he can supply almost any colour or sex.

Our Dogs contacted the seller and asked if the certificates were genuine, and how they were acquired. They replied via e-mail, and did not leave a name, that the certificates were indeed genuine, and were originally issued by the Kennel Club for dogs and bitches he had had but when he sold them, he did not supply the KC papers to the purchasers. So as he still had the papers he decided to sell them on ebay for owners whose dogs weren’t registered so that they could impress their friends by displaying the certificates and claiming their dogs were pedigrees.
As the advert says “If you have a Staffy thats not KC REG and you want to tell your friends he or she is then here you go. For Display purposes only. Message me for what colour and age you need and I’ll check I have it.”

While the seller says that the certificate is for display purposes only, the question has to be asked, could an irresponsible breeder actually use these certificates to register a litter? Perhaps the time has come for all KC registered breeding stock to be registered by DNA so that those who might try to register puppies from unregistered stock from unknown breeding lines can be traced. If such a dog, were to slip through the net and it spread a health problem through a breed, it might devastate that breed, especially if the fake certificate was used for a dog from a breed with a small gene pool.

Our Dogs immediately informed the Kennel Club sending details of the seller and the advert, as the seller not only advertised certificates for Staffordshire Bull Terriers but also for a male Bullmastiff.

Caroline Kisko told Our Dogs that “The Kennel Club has been investigating the matter but it appears the documents have now been removed from sale. We will be putting together a statement for ebay which will clarify that Kennel Club registration documents may not be sold in this way. We hope that this will resolve the matter for the future.”

Our Dogs followed this up by contacting ebay, although at the time of going to press we have heard nothing from ebay.