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Eric steps down and Martin steps up!

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the National Dog Show Birmingham, Mr Eric Smethurst retired from his dual role as President and Chairman of the Society.

Eric SmethurstMartin WylesEric was first elected Chairman in 1990 when previous Chairman, Mr John MacDougall, retired because of his executive role as Chairman of the Kennel Club. Eric was elected as our President in 2003 taking over from Mr John Willmot who, together with his father and grandfather, had been stalwart supporters between them for three generations.

Eric, also Chairman of Crufts, has guided the Society through a great many new ideas, always thinking to the future.

Stepping into the role of Chairman of the National after having served as Vice-Chairman is Mr Martin Wyles, who joined the Management Committee in 1998. Martin who awards CCs in Boxers is Managing Director of his family company Bablake Wines Ltd. Mr Rod Price, long term member of the Society, will take on the duties of Vice-Chairman in addition to his role as Show Manager.

The Society looks forward to continuing to run an 'exhibitors' show' particularly as next year will be the 150th anniversary of the first “National Show of Sporting and Other Dogs, Birmingham”.