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Bedlington killed by air rifle

A BEDLINGTON Terrier has died after being shot at with an air rifle as he played in his owners’ back garden.

FoggyThe brutal death Foggy, aged just seven, has sent tremors throughout the local community. Foggy was brought through the Sevray line.

He is pictured, on the left. He leaves behind Kookie, another Bedlington (aged an impressive 15), his two owners, Sue & Simon, and their two sons, Andrew & Paul.
His owners have confirmed that he was shot with a precision air rifle. The ‘sharpened pellet’ punctured his heart. He died within 20 minutes on the way to the local veterinary surgery. Worst of all, he suffered greatly and died in Sue’s arms.

The police and RSPCA investigation is underway and will be reported in due course.
His owners are now urging readers to express support for the tighter regulation of airguns in the UK. These lethal weapons are claiming a growing number of lives each year - children, beloved pets and wild animals.

There is a website dedicated to Foggy