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John Wright retires
Coaches to Shows main man calls it a day after 25years

OUR DOGS says goodbye to the man with the golden tachometer writes Vince Hogan. Many exhibitors who have travelled with John over the years will be sorry to see the end of the trips which have allowed non drivers the opportunity to travel to many World and European Shows.

John and Sylvia Wright OUR DOGS have worked with John closely from the very start and have been delighted with the relationship over all those years. We spoke to John this week and his thoughts are as follows:

“After over a quarter of a century of organising coach and flight tours to Dog shows with Coaches to Shows, I have decided to call it a day. For health reasons my doctor has called time on the tours and advised me to retire; so after many tours all over the world and lots of fun I have taken his advice.

Sylvia and I have made many friends over the years and organised some very memorable tours, the World Show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil probably being the best. The show was not very good but the holiday was fabulous!

We have of course had the not so good tours WORLD SHOW Austria with the famous STOP & SLEEP hotel has to be top of the list for bad hotels. (John has only included that because I keep reminding him of it! All you could do at this hotel was, STOP and SLEEP…no food, no bar, no nothing! VH.)

“But all in all the good and the bad, we have enjoyed taking exhibitors and their dogs to all the shows in Europe and beyond.

“We are not saying goodbye to the canine world as we still have an interest in dogs. I am carrying on with judging (if asked!) so please don’t pass Sylvia and myself at the shows, come and have a chat.

“To all our regulars too many to mention by name, we are sorry, but thanks for your support. For those of you who have not travelled with Coaches to Shows, you don’t know what you missed! Last but not least can we give a big thanks to Vince Hogan and all the staff at OUR DOGS Newspaper for all their help and support, without them we could not have done it. So its goodbye from both Sylvia and myself and as I used to say when getting people back on the coaches, ‘ CHOP CHOP lets hit the road we have a show to go to….”.