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Handling of dogs at shows

Whilst the Kennel Club is aware that the vast majority of dog owners show great care and attention when handling their dogs in and around the show ring, there are concerns that a small number of owners may need reminding of some practices which are undesirable.

The Kennel Club has received several complaints during the course of the year, including some from television viewers watching the coverage of Crufts on the BBC, regarding the way in which some dogs are handled at shows.

The most common practice which has resulted in complaints is the picking up of dogs, often Terriers, by their tails and lead when lifting them to and from the table during judging.

The Kennel Club believes that this practice is both undesirable and completely unnecessary, as evidenced by the large majority of dog owners and handlers who handle their dogs without discomfort in and around the show ring.

Notices to this effect will be given to all ring stewards at Crufts to remind exhibitors of this and show secretaries are asked to support the Kennel Club’s position in this matter.