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Leonberger makes it to the Top 6 for PAT Dog of the Year

Ann Burrell, owner of Leonberger Simba, aka Seaxa X-Men, has been added as one of the top six dogs in the UK to compete for the title of PAT Dog of the Year 2008.

Simba and his owner Ann and Cathy Burrell have done lots of charity, PAT dog events over the years and more achievable in May 2008, Simba won the Dog CC & Best of Breed at SKC. He is shown very rarely, due to his other commitments. Simba’s breeders, Ian & Sherry Richardson from Kent, Surrey are delighted with this achievement, as is Ann and her family. All fingers are crossed that he does become PAT dog of the Year 2008.

For those who would like to see Simba win the PAT Dog of the Year Award 2008, and for him to be the first Leonberger to ever do so, please go to the website, & on the right hand side, there is a poll where you can vote for the PAT dog of the Year. Click on Simba’s name & follow the instructions from there.

Entries for votes can be taken up to the 26th September 2008.

Good Luck Simba!