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Couple who killed Scottish Terrier freed

A couple from the Midlands who were jailed after admitting throwing a Scottish Terrier from the balcony of a block of flats have been freed on appeal.

Sheena Spence, 62, and her husband Alexander, 60, from West Bromwich, had been jailed for 12 weeks after admitting cruelty. The court heard how they had beaten the dog before throwing it over the balcony. However, the sentence has been reduced to 10 weeks suspended for a year by a judge at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Their trial was told they had been looking after Scottie for an elderly neighbour who was ill in hospital. The Spences said they had attacked the dog after it bit Sheena Spence on the ankle.

They couple told the hearing on 14 August that they believed the sentence was too harsh. Their lifetime ban on keeping animals has also been reduced to 12 months.