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Pet Blood Bank UK reaches 1000th Donor!

Pet Blood Bank logoPet Blood Bank UK (PBBuk), the UK’s first national canine blood donation charity is delighted to announce that it has reached its 1000th donation!

Ricky Morrell, a three and a half year old greyhound visited the blood collection session at Oadby Vets4 Pets in Wigston to donate blood and became the 1000th dog in the UK to donate blood to the charity.

PBBuk was launched at Crufts in March 2007 by Vets Now, the UK’s leading provider of Out Of Hours emergency services for animals. Vets Now has 33 emergency clinics across the UK and launched the charity after a change in legislation in October 2005 made it possible for vets to store pet blood. PBBuk holds regular blood collection sessions across the UK, similar to the human blood donation service, collecting blood from volunteer canine donors to supply to vets across the UK to ensure there is blood available if they need to perform a lifesaving blood transfusion.

Pet Blood BankSpeaking about reaching this milestone, PBBuk’s Executive Director, Wendy Barnett said; ‘We are absolutely delighted to have reached this important milestone and it just shows how far we have come since we launched just over 18 months ago. The fact that we are at donor 1000 now is testament to the generosity of dog owners all over the country who bring their dogs to donate at local blood collection sessions and of course the veterinary practices who kindly provide the premises for these sessions to take place. Without these owners, we wouldn’t be able to supply the veterinary profession with the blood products they need to save the lives of hundreds of dogs in the UK. We are incredibly proud to have reached this stage and I’m very excited about the future and the launch of the UK’s first feline blood donation service.’

This was Ricky’s first donation and he enjoyed lots of tummy rubs and doggy treats after the donation took place. Ricky’s owners commented; ‘We brought Ricky to the collection session as my wife and I are both blood donors and appreciate that there is the same requirement for blood within the pet world. PBBuk also give the dogs a thorough medical check so it’s a good opportunity to find out if Ricky’s in good health. I think that PBBuk does a terrific dog and we are incredibly proud that our dog will have helped save the life of someone else’s dog.’