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Bobtail will be recorded in Brittany and Vallhund

At a meeting in October, the Kennel club General Committee agreed to the request from the Brittany Club of Great Britain and the Swedish Vallhund Society to record on registration certificates puppies that are born with naturally bobbed tails. The decision was made in order to help breeders identify which dogs or lines carry the tailless gene.

The status of the tail length is to be recorded behind the name of the breed i.e. Swedish Vallhund (Bobtail). The word bobtail is the only description of the tail which will be accepted. The description of any other tail length or tails which are not naturally bobbed, such as full tail or legally docked will not be recorded.

Confirmation of the tail status of puppies must be accompanied by veterinary certification (on practice headed paper) and sent with the litter registration form if breeders wish bobtail to be recorded on the puppy’s registration certificate. As veterinary certification is required to record the status, this service is not available on-line. The option to record this is open to any breed where natural bobtails appear in litters, and is available with immediate effect.