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Harrods photoshoot

RETIRED GREYHOUND and part-time model Jazz helped demonstrate that Greyhounds make great pets when she represented the breed at a photoshoot in Harrods’ very own Pet Shop on Friday 21st November.

Jazz receives chequeFollowing her parade down the catwalk in a bespoke Ben de Lisi couture dress in September at Harrods’ annual Pet-á-Porter charity fashion show for pets in aid of the Retired Greyhound Trust (, Jazz joined RGT Director Ivor Stocker to collect a cheque for £5,000 - the proceeds raised by the event and kindly donated by pet food Cesar, who sponsored the show, and event organisers, Harrods.

Dressed in a festive Father Christmas hat five-year-old Jazz, who was adopted from the Wimbledon branch of the RGT by the Coleman family in 2007, sat patiently while she was petted and photographed by delighted afternoon Christmas shoppers.

RGT Director Ivor Stocker said: ‘Jazz was absolutely brilliant and a model retired Greyhound in more ways than one. She’s so gentle - children were cuddling and stroking her and she just lay there, quietly lapping up all the attention. It shows just how naturally docile and loving retired Greyhounds are.

‘The RGT is delighted to receive this generous donation from Pet-á-Porter sponsors Cesar and event organisers, Harrods. It will greatly assist the volunteers in caring for the retired Greyhounds we currently look after.’

Jazz’s owner Nick Coleman said: ‘It was wonderful to return to Harrods and help collect this generous gift for the RGT. We’ve had such an exciting year seeing Jazz enjoy a fulfilling retirement and getting involved in events such as the Pet-á-Porter fashion show, her recent qualification as a PAT dog (Pets as Therapy) and, of course, her photoshoot with fellow model Twiggy! There is still life in the old dog yet.’

Director of Furniture & Home at Harrods, David Miller, said: ‘Harrods is delighted to host this charity event together with Cesar in aid of the Retired Greyhound Trust.’

If you would like to find out more about the RGT and adopting a retired Greyhound, log onto or call 0844 826 8424.