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‘credit crunch dog treats’ great christmas presents

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Sick of the credit crunch? Give it to the dogs!

Just when you thought you’d heard enough about the tumbling markets, a Sussex-based natural pet products company has launched a new dog treat, so you can literally feed the credit crunch to the dogs.

‘Everyone is sick of hearing about the credit crunch and we thought customers could do with a laugh so we took advantage of the downturn and came up with Credit Crunch,’ says Kate Bendix, the owner of which has exclusively produced these fun new treats.
She launched chicken flavour, bone shaped ‘Credit Crunch’ on her website,, three weeks ago. And after just five days’ trading, it’s reached the best-seller list at number three.

‘Credit Crunch ticks all the health boxes as well as being a cheery treat for dogs and owners alike. Initial sales have been fantastic,’ says Kate. ‘We get to put a smile on our customers’ faces, giving them a well deserved laugh, while keeping the smaller members of the family happy too.’
Kate set up, an online natural pet products retailer, 18 months ago after she gave up searching for natural products for her two cats, Pearl and Dave.

She said: ‘The design and packaging of Credit Crunch seemed to catch people’s eye after what has been a stressful couple of months for the British economy.

‘Everyone I mention it to has a laugh. We expect the gag to be passed on by customers buying Christmas presents for their dogs and other people’s dogs over the next few months.’

There is a serious message behind Kate’s treat, too. As we head into the lead-up to Christmas, she warns owners and prospective owners to budget well to take care of pets, and to heed the Dogs Trust’s advice that pets do not make good Christmas presents.

‘As we know, the cost of living has risen sharply this year, taking a bite out of the family finances and pets can seem more of a burden than a blessing. Too many dogs have been abandoned this year because their owners couldn’t afford to keep them, or thought they couldn’t afford to keep them,’ she says. ‘By buying good quality food and treats for them, though, you can keep them happy and avoid expensive vet bills.’

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