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Give your dogs a Top Life at BUBA & LKA!

Visit the Our Dogs stand at the British Utility Breeds Association and Ladies Kennel Association Championship Shows and receive a free carton of Top Life Formula Dog or Puppy milk.

Top Life Formula is goats’ milk with added extras. For decades, top breeders have fed their puppies and dogs on goats’ milk and have reaped the benefits in doing so. Most dogs love the taste of milk, but can face digestive problems with ordinary cows’ milk.

Dogs thrive on goats’ milk because it’s so digestible. The fat and protein molecules are much smaller and have thinner membranes so pass through the body more easily. Easier digestion of the fat and protein allows lactose to pass through the system more rapidly not giving it time to ferment in the intestinal tract which can cause sickness and diarrhoea. Similar symptoms occur in humans who are intolerant to cows’ milk.

As well as the goats’ milk, Top Life Formula for Dogs contains glucosamine, chondroitin and green tea extract to encourage healthy joints and bones, good circulation and general well-being. There is also a little beef flavouring to titillate their taste buds.

Top Life Formula for Puppies is specially formulated with added cream to make the fat levels as close as possible to the natural composition of the mother’s milk to help with weaning. Both milks are formulated to include Vitamins C & E to support the immune system - vital during their early days while they’re susceptible to infections and during their vaccination period.

Top Life Formula can be fed as often as the pet desires, either on its own or mixed with solid food. Available in 200ml cartons from Asda, selected Tesco and Morrisons (Dog milk only) supermarkets, it has a RRP of 58p.

For more information on the Top Life Formula ranges, please call 01565 750576.