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Germany and UK unite for dog festivals

The German Kennel Club (VDH) in Dortmund and the Kennel Club in London have announced that they will be staging two dog festivals in these countries in 2012.

The first festival will be run in Germany back to back with one of the VDH Dortmund International CACIB shows at the beginning of May. It will be called the ‘German and British Dog Festival Celebrating British Breeds’. It will feature British native breeds. At this festival German CACs and UK CCs will be available for best dog and best bitch in each breed if of adequate merit. All judges will be British and will be nominated and approved by the KC (in consultation with VDH and the German Breed Clubs involved.).

The second festival will be run at the Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd National Dog Show the following weekend and will be called ‘German and British Dog Festival Celebrating German Breeds’. At this show every German Breed will be judged by a German judge selected in consultation with the Birmingham Dog Show Society, the Kennel Club and the VDH. The German Judges will award UK CCs to the German Breeds that are allocated CC status or Best of Sex if not.
Ronnie Irving, Chairman of the Kennel Club, said “We are delighted to announce this innovative venture which should be seen as a further indication of growing international co-operation. It gives us the opportunity to feature British breeds at a prestigious German canine event and in turn to feature German breeds at one of our major shows. The VDH and the Kennel Club have many key shared objectives and this venture will help cement the good relationship which exists between our two organisations.”

Christofer Habig, President of the VDH said, “The friendship of Germany to the British dog world has been an enduring part of the dog scene since the late 19th century. So we welcome this joint project as a sign of forward thinking between two organisations with common goals, which nevertheless allow for individual priorities. This initiative could well be used by others as a role model for the future.”


Q. Where will the CCs for the VDH show come from and will this affect the normal allocation of CCs for these breeds in 2012?
A. The CCs will be an additional one-off allocation for this special occasion and as such will not affect the normal allocation of CCs for 2012.

Q. How will the VDH show be organised?
A. The show will be run under standard VDH Show Regulations and the VDH will set the classification. This also means under VDH regulations, no puppies can be Best of Breed or go forward to the Group.

Q. Which breed standards will be used for VDH show?
A. The KC Breed Standard – as normal for British Breeds under FCI rules.

Q. Will the VDH show be a Crufts qualifier and if so what will qualify the dogs?
A. Yes. Crufts Qualifier – normal overseas CC show qualification plus Best Junior Dog and Best Junior Bitch. The show will have the same Crufts qualifying status as any other overseas championship show but the KC will waive the one show per overseas kennel club rule.

Q. Will wins at the VDH Show count towards future class eligibility in the UK?
A. Yes. CC/RCC awards will count towards future class eligibility in the UK.

Q. Will the show count for KC Stud Book entries?
A. This show will feature in the Kennel Club Stud Book alongside all other Championship shows held in 2012 but only CC and Reserve CC winners will qualify for entry to the Stud Book.

Q. Will the VDH show be judged on the Group basis?
A. Yes All FCI Groups will be scheduled during the show in the normal way.

The Groups will be scheduled as follows:

Day 1. Terrier, Spitz and Primitive Types, Retrievers – Flushing Dogs and Water Dogs and Sighthounds

Day 2. Pinschers and Schnauzers – Molossoid Breeds – Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dog, Dachshunds and Pointing Dogs

Day 3. Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, Scenthounds – Related Breeds and Companion and Toy Breeds.

British Breeds will compete in the relevant group each day

Winners from the Groups will compete for Best in Show.

In addition at the end of each day there will be a separate competition for the Best Exhibits amongst the British Breeds. The winner of this will then go on to compete for Best British Breed in Show.