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Five dogs and Landrover stolen

FIVE WORKING Spaniels have been taken along with their owner’s landrover from the Leigh area in Tonbridge

Chris Burns’ five dogs were in the dark green vehicle, which has the number plate DOG K9. The spare wheel cover has Breezeleaf Spaniels printed on it.

The dogs in the back consisted of two cocker pups of eight months - one black and one liver - and two spaniel pups of the same age - one black and white and one liver and white, and his current trial dog Twi". There is a photo of Twig on and video of the pups on Shooting Times where Chris is doing short training videos (also on YouTube).

As it is so close to Christmas it might be that these pups have been stolen to order - but if they are going to homes the families are in for a surprise. These are full working dogs, and are therefore not house trained, always kenneled outside and, unless they are with people who know about working dogs, they will be very destructive. They are also docked and dew clawed.

If you can help at all, please e-mail Ali Smith ( and we will pass your details on.