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Bulldog Council asks KC for answers

THE BULLDOG Club Breed Council has hit back at the Kennel Club following the posting of its letter to all clubs regarding changes in certain breeds.

In a letter dated December 10 and addressed to KC secretary, Caroline kisko, the Breed Council’s secretary, Gwen Biddle-Edwards, acknowledges receipt of the letter and states that the letter had been read out at the Breed Council Meeting on December 7. The meeting was attended by 27 delegates representing 14 of the breed clubs.

However, in the letter to Ms Kisko, Mrs Biddle-Edwards states that the delegates were ‘unanimously not prepared to accept the standard in the current revised form.’

The one page letter goes on the ask why there was no consultation or liaison with the Bulldog Breed Council prior to the KC’s letter, and also registers astonishment at receiving the proposed revisions. The Breed Council has asked for an explanation of the reasoning behind the proposed changes.

Mrs Biddle-Edwards continues: ‘We have been very co-operative with the KC and, since 2002, have made alterations at our mutual consultation to improve the health and welfare of the breed. We are at a loss to understand in what way the health and general welfare of the breed could be improved by the proposed changes, when the Bulldog is consistently winning in competition against all breeds.’

The Council has asked for a reply from the KC by January 15 2009 to enable its delegates to discuss the matter further at its next Breed Council meeting later in that month.

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