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Allen and EJ to go it alone

After A divorce in the full public gaze that would rival that of any famous super stars marital split, the saga continues.

Allen & EJFollowing the departure of EJ from the canine partners programme, Canine Partners has now reportedly stated that EJ will never be jacketed as a fully fledged Canine Partner in a year’s time. ‘I had always intended to train up my own successor dog with or without Canine Partner's help and had even spoken very openly and honestly about it too’, said Allen ‘but it was Canine Partners that approached me out of the blue over two years ago and asked me to work with them on Endal's replacement, which to be very honest I guess suited all of us at the time. I had always intended that Endal would mentor little EJ, showing him the ropes and what is required without the normal training pressures, Endal's serious health hiccup and sudden retirement scuppered these plans. For the first time in 12 years I found myself instantly disabled and had actually - in an ironic turn of events - become Endal's carer. EJ is still very much a puppy and though remarkably at 30 weeks old is able to do 80% of what Endal is capable of it must be remembered that he is still a puppy in training not a fully placed dog

‘I am grateful that EJ has been allowed to attend puppy classes at CP which has given me an opportunity to socialise him amongst other dogs and build up a record of his temperament and behavior for the first year of his life. The bulk of his training though has been in situ along side the wheelchair, the fact my wife Sandra (who runs the puppy department at CP) monitors our progress daily is a real plus and EJ really has risen to the challenge. His ability to accurately get named items just blows me away as does his operating the automatic door in the village pharmacy as if he had been doing it for years. He now has had some new jackets/harnesses made to show that he is offically a "service dog in training" and this will allow him the opportunity to experience all environments and situations.

EJ will now start to do more out in public and hopefully start to accompany me in our various roles as patrons of Labrador rescue LRSEC, vice chairman of Dog theft action and working with the many service charities. Most importantly though he will be faithfully at my side giving me the confidence and ability to once again live life to the full.

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