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New cancer detection dog announced

Cancer and Bio-detection Dogs is pleased to announce the arrival of a new recruit to its team of cancer-detecting canines. The charity is also asking those who have lost loved ones to cancer to consider joining a sponsorship scheme in their memory.

Cancer DogThree-month-old Roo, a black and white working Cocker Spaniel, is related to the charity’s most successful cancer detection dog, Tangle, and is living with a foster family while he is being trained.
The Sponsor Roo Scheme costs £20 per year or £2 per month and by giving your support you will be helping to fund Roo’s training. Another three-month-old working Cocker called Kizzie will also be joining the team.


Cancer and Bio-detection Dogs, along with Dr John Church and his team of scientists at the Amerderm Research Trust at Amersham Hospital, Buckinghamshire, made a pioneering breakthrough when they proved that dogs could be trained to detect cancer by smell.

Using positive, reward-based training methods, a team of six dogs were taught to discriminate between urine from bladder cancer patients and urine from both healthy people and patients with diseases other than cancer.

Since this groundbreaking research, the charity has gone from strength to strength and is expanding its team of dog detectives to enable it to cover other types of cancer, such as skin and prostate.

The work Cancer and Bio-detection Dogs has been doing within the medical profession offers the potential to provide earlier diagnosis of cancer and therefore earlier commencement of treatment with a greater chance of success.

For more information on the charity or the Sponsor Roo Scheme telephone 01296 655888 or visit

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