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Mexican Hairless capture hearts!

The Mexican Hairless or ‘Xoloitzcuintle’ (show-low-it-squint-lee), as it is traditionally known, has been in existence for approximately 3,500 years. Originally believed to be the dogs of the Aztecs and Toltecs, evidence of its existence has been found from Pre-Columbian times - their original purposes included acting as bed warmers, food and healing. However, they were also used for sacrificial purposes, both to the Gods and as a guide to lead their master to their eternal resting place.

A great expedition took place in the 1950s to remote areas of Mexico which was headed by Norman Pelham Wright and a lady called Lascelles de Premio Real, in which they selected breeding pairs from the villages to be placed in homes around the world to help the breed survive; a pair were actually held on deposit at London Zoo in 1956, these produced a litter of puppies but after this their existence in the UK seems to have become very scarce.

Donna Cawley, however, has been lucky enough to have had the Mexican Hairless in her family for 22 years. It was Donna’s mum, Angela Rachael, who re-introduced the breed to the UK by importing a pair of Standards in 1986. Donna and her husband then went on to introduce the Intermediate Size to the UK back in 2003 and, finally, in January 2007 were granted our Interim Breed Standard and are now on the Import Register.

There is a total of 31 Mexican Hairless in the UK, split between the three sizes of Miniature, Intermediate and Standard and each size has both a Hairless and a Coated variety; it is estimated that 4,000 remain worldwide.

The Cawleys have a new addition to their family of ‘Xoloitzcuintles’ in the form of ‘Diva’ (Chichen Itza Dune De Dior For Ima). Diva is a Standard size Mexican Hairless, imported from France; her parents are Coriso Caliente and Tehuana Hoover who, between them, have gained 111 CACIBs.
Diva came out of quarantine on 8th October and has not looked back since; she has settled in very well at home with the family, both two and four-legged alike. The Cawley clan have attended two shows since Diva came home, the first being BUBA where she won Best Puppy and Best Opposite Sex and then LKA where she was 3rd in Junior, from a large class of 13.

‘It is our hope that through Diva and our Intermediates we will be able to promote breed awareness and help maintain this wonderful breed,’ said Donna.

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