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Stray problem getting worse

A rottweiler was found chained to a barbed wire fence after apparently being dumped by its owner in the week before Christmas.

A passer-by noticed the bitch whilst out on a walk and took her to Babbington Kennels in Awsworth. She had cuts on her legs and stomach. She was teken to a nearby rescue kennel and is now awaiting a new home.

The kennel's manager says he feels there will be even more dogs abandoned over Christmas as the credit crunch takes hold and people think they can no longer afford their pets.
Tony Sanderson of Babbington Kennels in Awsworth said: ‘There are definitely signs of extra dogs either because of people losing their homes or simply because they can't afford them. It’s much worse than usual. I’ve read articles that suggest the same in other areas. It was a good job this dog was found so quickly – just a couple of hours after she was left. If she had been there all night it would have been a different story. She had hair coming out in tufts around her neck where the barbed wire had been.’

The four-year-old rottweiller was found in a field . She has been named Hannah by kennel staff and has been nursed back to health, but still needs a home.

Mr Sanderson said that two weeks prior to taking Hannah in, a 14-week-old Labrador puppy was found tied to a farmer’s gate nearby. It had been left in the freezing cold over night. It was described as 'skin and bones' and infested with worms. The kennel also recently took in a starving, heavily pregnant Staffordshire bull terrier which was found wandering the streets. Mr Sanderson said: ‘She was carrying four puppies but they all died because she didn't have the nutrition to give them. She was emaciated, you could see her spine.’

The Labrador puppy, named Charlie, is also still waiting for a new owner, but the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, named Bluebell, is on the verge of being found a new home.

Babbington Kennels takes in 40 unwanted or stray dogs each month. If you are interested in rehoming one of the dogs, please call 0115 9324576.

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