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A million reasons to feel better

Dogs for the Disabled has received a fantastic boost to its fundraising thanks to the support of employees from health and wellbeing group Simply Health. It’s not often that a company invites its employees to give away £1,000,000, but Simplyhealth has given each of its 1292 employees a massive £774 to spend with one of 15 chosen charities.
Dogs for the Disabled
Of the £1,000,000 Simplyhealth employees donated £112,126.26 to Dogs for the Disabled, based in Banbury, the first charity in the UK to train assistance dogs to help physically disabled children and adults live a more independent life. Peter Gorbing Chief Executive of Dogs for the Disabled said: “Simply by training an assistance dog to help with tasks such as opening doors or retrieving the morning post we can help more disabled people live life to the full. Every donation we receive really does make a difference and we can’t thank the staff of Simplyhealth enough for their support.”

Every year Simplyhealth donates significant sums to charity and worthy causes and there are many opportunities for employees to make a difference in their local communities. This is the first time though that every employee could do something so significant.

Simplyhealth Group chief executive Des Benjamin said, “When I walked around the office everyone was genuinely excited at the thought of donating such a large sum. The atmosphere has been incredible. Simplyhealth is about making a difference to people and I think that we have made a real difference to these charities and to all our employees.”