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Kennel Club rewards excellence in promoting responsible dog ownership

At a time when every ‘good news’ story about dogs is vital, the Kennel Club’s awards to those who are successfully bringing a positive message to the community are not just welcome – they are essential. When incidents involving dogs are in the press every week, the winners show that if emphasis is placed on training children and their parents, as well as the dogs, these incidents can be avoided.

Campaigner of the YearKennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme (GCDS) Awards are now in their 11th year and they recognise the efforts of organisations nationwide which have invested their time and energy into educating both dogs and their owners to the joys of responsible dog ownership. There were over 60 entries from around the country and the judges were very impressed by both the quality of entries and dedication of the dog training clubs and local authorities.

At the same time the second annual KC Dog Awards were presented. These recognise the achievement of local lobbyists in challenging unfair dog control orders that may now be introduced as a result of the 2005 Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act.

Most effective campaignIn presenting the awards, chairman of the Kennel Club, Ronnie Irving, told the winners of GCDS and KC Dog, that there has probably never been a more important time for everyone to work together to spread the message of responsible dog ownership to the general public, politicians and media alike. He said that every time a biting incident makes the headlines we all wonder if it could have been avoided had the owner of the dog concerned been more responsible for their pet’s actions?

‘It is only right and proper,’ he told the winners, ‘that we recognise and reward those whose sterling efforts have promoted responsible dog ownership and for co-ordinated Good Citizen Training Courses throughout 2007. Once again, there has been a great number of excellent entries submitted for these awards and the judges were very impressed by both the quality of the entries and the dedication of the dog training clubs and local authorities.’

The Good Citizen Dog Scheme winners were:

KC Registered Training Clubs

Winner – Brook Dog Training Club, East Sussex
First Runner Up – Ponthir Canine Society
Second Runner Up – Solihull Dog Training Club

KC GCDS Listed Status Organisations which include Adult Education Centres, Agricultural Colleges, and Armed Forces Training Clubs) –
Winner - Midshires Dog Training Club
First Runner Up – K-9 Academy
Second Runner Up – Rossendale Dog Training Club
Third Runner Up – Roshaana K9 Club

KC Registered Breed Club, KC Registered General Canine Club, KC Registered Ringcraft Club
Winner – North Yorkshire and South Durham German Shepherd Dog Club
Runner Up – Mastiff Association

Local Council Most Effective Campaign
Winner – East Riding of Yorkshire Borough Council
First Runner up – Breckland Council
Second Runner Up – Aberdeenshire Council

The KC Dog award categories were:

Campaigner of the Year Award
Winner - Gail Levy

KC Dog Campaigner Award

Winners - Kim Hyland, Claire Davison and Sheila Morel, Mandy Dumont

Local Authority Award

Winner - Hampshire County Council

KC Dog Recognition Award
Winner - Natural England

KC Dog MP Award
Winner - Anne Snelgrove MP

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