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Obituary - David Hazelby (Evadanne)

I was deeply saddened to hear that David Hazelby of the Evadanne Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds had passed away, at home.

David was a vice-president of the Southern Dachshund Association and had been at our Championship Show the day before. He was his usual jovial self, enjoying meeting up with his many friends. We sat together watching Best in Show and he had told me how honoured he felt to have been nominated as President of the Southern at this year’s AGM in February, following the sad death of Pam Sydney. Dave had been elected as vice-president in 2007, in well-deserved recognition of his contribution to the SDA over many years.

I first met Dave at Witney Open Show in 1980 after helping Anne, his wife, when her car broke down. We had been good friends ever since and it was Dave who proposed me for membership of the Southern’s Committee in 1992.

Dave’s outstanding contribution was to the SDA, where as joint Secretary for ten years, with Anne, he helped raise the profile of the Club and introduced many innovations for the benefit of our members (and non-members). Dave was determined that SDA should be run for the benefit of our members and that we should put as much back into the Club as possible. He instigated social events, such as our annual barbecue, run with a match against another hound breed. It was also his idea for a newsletter and for many years now this has been an excellent source of information about SDA and its activities.

Under Dave and Anne’s leadership, membership of the SDA grew and everyone particularly looked forward to the garden party atmosphere of our June Open Show.

With great wisdom, Dave decided to retire from the Secretary’s role after ten years, as he felt it was time for new ideas. He was never one to seek the limelight; he simply worked hard to do what he felt was right.

Dave was also a judge and I remember how excited he was to have the opportunity to award CCs for the first time at the Hound Show in his own variety, Mini Longs. He drew what was at that time an outstanding entry (over 125, I believe) and very much enjoyed his day in the sun.

Dave was always "someone with an opinion" and his opinions were strongly held which meant not everyone agreed with him! He would happily debate and argue his case, but was never one to bear a grudge if he didn’t manage to win the argument.

It has been a privilege to count Dave as one of my friends for so many years. He will be sadly missed and our thoughts are with Anne, Stephanie, Antonia and the rest of his family.

Ian J Seath
Chairman, Southern Dachshund Association