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Man killed by ‘own dog’

WITNESSES DESCRIBED horrific scenes as a man was dragged ‘like a doll’ in a fatal attack by his own dog. The victim died in hospital at around 10pm on Sunday, just hours after the attack by dog in east London.

The man, aged in his mid-fifties, was found being mauled in New City Road, Newham. The animal was described as being dangerously out of control before it was destroyed.

Neighbour Aziz Rahman, 32, said he was looking out of his bedroom window when he saw the attack. Mr Rahman said around 15 to 20 people had gathered nearby, some armed with baseball bats, trying to get the dog away, but it was not responding.

Mr Rahman said police arrived on the scene and were discussing what to do. The injured man died after being taken by ambulance to the Royal London Hospital.

The Metropolitan Police has launched an investigation and says it believes the man was the dog's owner, although at the time of OUR DOGS going to press, his name had not been revealed.