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Dog charity scam

BUSINESSES IN Kent have been duped into promoting a scam assistance dog charity drive, according to police.

Firms have been asked to display boxes containing sweets that claim proceeds from a £1 donation will go to the Dogs for the Disabled charity.

However, the organisation, based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, said it did not use the method to raise funds and had reported the activity to Kent Police. Three people have since been questioned and released on bail. Businesses in Canterbury, Ramsgate, Medway, Dartford and Maidstone had all been asked to display the boxes.

Detective Sgt Fred McCormack said: ‘We would be keen to hear from any firm with the boxes. We are investigating a fraud and believe that businesses took the boxes in good faith having been told that they would be supporting a charity.’

A sticker on the boxes showed a charity number that Dogs for the Disabled said it no longer used.