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Campaign to ban snares launched

A CAMPAIGN launched last week to stop pets getting caught up in snares, has received support in the Scottish Parliament. A motion, put forward by Labour MSP Irene Oldfather, asserts that Scotland's wildlife, pets and farmed animals should not be exposed to indiscriminate trapping methods such as snares which cause extreme suffering.

The Ban Snares campaign has been launched by Advocates for Animals and the League against Cruel Sports to inform the public about snares and why they should be banned. The organisers claim that feedback from the public has highlighted the number of dogs and cats that are being caught or killed in the traps.

Last December, the Scottish SPCA produced a report on snaring, compiled from the evidence of Scottish SPCA inspectors, wildlife crime police officers and vets. It showed that of 269 animals reported as having been caught in snares, 14 were dogs and 31 were cats. Five of the dogs and four cats were already dead or had to be euthanased.

The Ban Snares campaign is being sponsored by the Marchig Animal Welfare Trust and also has the support of a number of wildlfie organisations: the Scottish Badgers Charity, Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust, the Brown Hare Preservation Society and the International Otter Survival Fund.

The UK is one of a minority of European Member States that still allow snares to be used. An announcement on the future of snaring is expected next month from the Scottish Government. The Ban Snares campaign is hopeful that a ban in Scotland will lead the way for the rest of the UK.