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Obituary - Theo Kjellstrom

Theo Kjellstrom with Karl Donvil Theo Kjellstrom was a show judge. He was one of the founders of many local Kennel Clubs in the USA, the member of many more, including a 40+ year membership in the Collie Club of America. He judged all around the United States. But what he was proudest of, and happiest doing, was judging with his friends overseas. He loved seeing, learning and talking. Dog Show people the whole world over knew and loved Ted. Many people will have known him on the International circuit and OUR DOGS have featured Theo on previous occasions.

Karl Donvil of the World Dog Press Association writes: ‘I received the message that our dear friend THEO KJELLSTROM died yesterday January 22. Theo was a big favourite of the World Dog Press Association and proud to be a member. The last time we saw him was at the Helsinki Show in 2006. He arrived a few days before, but on the first day he became ill and needed to be taken to the Hospital. He had to stay there for almost two months as he could not be transported to his home nearby Chicago. Finally his landlord chartered a small plane with a medical crew. I was really worried not to see him again. Fortunately I was able to phone him a few times when he left the hospital in the USA where he needed to recover for a while.

‘After a few months his landlord died and the property, including Theo’s house, went to the state. Theo was forced to move to a home nearby where one of his daughters lived. Since then I only received a few short mails, but always nice and concerned about me.

‘I am sure that all of you, like myself, will remember Theo as a very warm-hearted man. I will miss you Theo, for all your support for the WDPA, for your friendship.’