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Breeder is criticised

THE KENNEL Club’s Accredited Breeder Scheme was dealt another blow this week after yet another kennel which had been part of the scheme was branded a ‘puppy farm’ in a damning letter to the KC Chairman and copied to OUR DOGS.

A month after Kennel Club chairman Ronnie Irving made a plea to genuine breeders to come forward and register with the scheme, a member of the dog owning public has sent shocking veterinary evidence of a former abs listed breeder from whom he purchased a puppy earlier this year.

In the letter the buyer tells of a catalogue of horror which began in December last year when a £650 German Short Haired Pointer puppy was reserved for £200 via internet banking.


On receipt of the deposit he received a photograph of the five-week-old bitch of the via e-mail, which immediately gave cause for concern, as the puppy looked in poor condition, but was assured by the breeder that it was ‘a bad picture’.

After several more weeks - apparently the puppy had ‘nearly died’ according to the breeder - the puppy was collected. at ten weeks the bitch was described as ‘emaciated’, so much so that the buyer - also involved in the breed - was unable to believe that it was the same animal, being described as a third of the size she should be. he was, however, assured by the breeder that this was the same bitch and if he was unhappy it was ‘tough’. He was then offered some alternative deals, including a choice of three 5-6 month olds and stud work as a goodwill gesture.

He then asked to be shown the other puppies from the same litter and was horrified to find the puppies were kept on straw, with no water and they were described as being ‘withdrawn, they were far smaller than other puppies of a similar age and were staring’. In a bid to rescue at least another puppy, he told the breeder he would take another dog puppy, incurring an additional fee to contract of £400. It was also at this point that the breeder commented that she used side cutters as her preferred method of docking.

The day after the puppies were brought from the breeders, they started to show signs of serious illness, with symptoms including vomiting, faeces which contained 90% straw and lifelessness. the buyers own vet gave him chances of 50/50 that the bitch would pull through. the vet also noticed the shortness of the bitch’s dock. (It was later confirmed by the breeder’s own vet that the bitch was suffering from the highly contagious isospora and that the breeder had been advised by the vet not to sell the puppy until tests had been carried out). The dog puppy was then taken to receive his second vaccination. the following day he too fell ill and sadly became so poorly that he was put down. Yet again the breeders were contacted, they confirmed that parvovirus was not present at their kennels (though at the time of the phone call they had a puppy at the vets with the disease). they also told the buyer to contact an insurance company which would ‘pay all the costs’.

Sadly no agreement was reached and the breeder became increasingly aggressive at the suggestion of a refund, saying unless the buyer got a ‘f***ing post mortem performed!’

Other concerns aired in the letter regard the state of the dock on the puppies’ tails, which was too short, of very poor quality and left the tails bald at the end even after 10 weeks; also that the docking certificates appear to have been tampered with and also concern regarding the contract of sale, which it is alleged, contain innacuracies. A pathologist’s report said that the cause of death in the dog puppy was parvovirus. the letter also expressed concern at the fact that despite the evidence of contagious disease at the kennel, they may have dogs entered at future shows.
We contacted the Kennel Club whose spokesman told our dogs that they were acutely aware of the situation which had been reported to us. They also said that the activities of the breeder concerned had been monitored since they had been removed from the Accredited Breeders Scheme register almost one year ago. We also understand that breed clubs are also helping the Kennel Club with its inquiries.