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Footballer left with stray dog

A BULLMASTIFF was locked in the garage of a former england footballer after police and council dog wardens were unable to help because it was the weekend.

Graeme Le Saux found the dog on his driveway in Cobham, Surrey and told how he was left no option but to keep it in the garage until the authorities could assist. He also made sure the stray was fed and watered.

The plight of the dog has highlighted the murky area of responsibility for dogs which are lost or found straying. Surrey Police told Mr Le Saux that they couldn’t send a police officer over to the house because he was not insured and that the dog could be placed in kennels if he took it himself.

Surrey Police said that they do have dog units on duty over the weekend but they are operational units and are not there to collect stray dogs. they also confirmed that stray dogs should be dealt with by the local authority.

The dog was happily reunited with his owners who had recently moved to the area.