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Man’s Best Friend Goes To Work On Latest Royal Mail Stamps


FIGHTING CRIME, saving lives and simply making everyday tasks a little easier are just some of the vital roles performed by thousands of the UK’s working dogs.

Royal Mail pays tribute to man’s best friend with six stamps showing working dogs in action which were issued on Tuesday of this week (February 5th).

Assistance Dog StampThis is the first time a set of special stamps has been devoted entirely to these highly trained dogs, with the issue celebrating two important events; 2008 is the designated Year of the Assistance Dog, and it also marks 100 years since the first British police dogs walked their beat at Hull Docks.

The Working Dogs issue has further been chosen by Royal Mail to represent 2008’s Europa stamp theme of ‘The Letter’. Collecting letters and sometimes posting in pillar boxes are some of the tasks carried out by the Assistance Dog featured on the 1st Class stamp. The 1st Class stamp design will feature the Europa logo.

All of the images featured on the stamps were captured by renowned animal photographer Tim Flach. The Presentation Pack provides an interesting history on the amazing and conscientious canines that appear on the stamps and explains which breeds are best suited for particular tasks.
Julietta Edgar, Head of Special Stamps, Royal Mail, said: ‘It’s easy to forget that there’s a ‘secret army’ of thousands of hardworking dogs who make a real difference to many lives.

‘I hope that this issue will help raise the profile of their important work as customers see the dogs on millions of letters and parcels every day.’