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Good news for Glens

AMID THE recent concerns over the decline of many British breeds of dog, some good news – a litter of Glen of Imaal Terriers has arrived!

Glen of Imaal TerriersBreeder Jane Withers of the Granary Kennels. The litter was born at her kennels on 9 November 2007, it is the latest of three litters born recently. Two of their ten-week-old litter of five females and two males have already been bought and are living in new homes.

The rest have all been reserved but are enjoying playing together at their kennel before they go off to their new owners.

Mrs Withers, who shows under the affix Panjantick, said the once-popular breed had lost out in a popularity contest with more fashionable ‘designer’ dogs. as we reported earlier in the year, just 36 Glen of Imaal puppies were born last year, which put the breed at the top of the KC's vulnerable dogs list.