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Mastiff club launches legal action against KC

THE KENNEL Club is facing a legal challenge from a breed club for breaching its own rules regarding incomplete pedigrees.

It is understood that the Old English Mastiff Club has been in contact with the Kennel Club for some time querying the KC’s apparent willingness to issue incomplete pedigrees for a number of dogs, in which the dog’s parentage or grand-parentage is incomplete with the pedigrees reading ‘Dam Unknown’.

The OEMC has sought legal advice and has been told that the KC is in breach of its own rules, which has led to the club’s decision to take action.

Although OEMC officials declined to comment in any detail on the matter, there is a formal statement on the OEMC’s signed by the club’s Hon Secretary Chris Rischmiller. The statement reads (verbatim):

‘As you may well be aware, the Kennel Club has issued a number of incomplete pedigrees citing dam name unknown, in the opinion of the officers and committee of the Old English Mastiff Club supported by officers of the Mastiff Association this situation is totally unacceptable and against the future well being of the Mastiff breed.

‘The Old English Mastiff Club has taken legal advice and it appears that this action is in breach of the Kennel Club’s own rules.

‘After considerable discussion and deliberation the Old English Mastiff Club committee with the full knowledge and support of the Mastiff Association senior representatives has decided to instruct our lawyers to proceed.

‘We will keep you fully informed in due course. All members of the OEMC will receive this information by mail.’

Over the past two years OUR DOGS has been aware of a case concerning one particular well-known winning bitch in the Old English Mastiff breed. On this dog’s pedigree papers, the bitch’s sire’s own dam is listed as ‘Dam Unknown’.

It is understood that all attempts to clarify the circumstances surrounding this and why the KC apparently have allowed pedigrees to be issued in this way have been met with silence from Clarges Street.

The Kennel Club declined to comment on the OEMC’s planned legal action when contacted by OUR DOGS.