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Tenants reverse council pet restriction proposal

THE PET owning council tenants of Nottingham City Council have won their fight against a revision to their tenancy agreements which would have restricted the number of pets they can keep in their homes. A new tenancy agreement which is due to come into effect at the end of February, has dropped its draconian clause which limited pets to just one cat or one dog per household.
Since September when pet owners discovered the poorly publicised, proposed change to their tenancy – reported previously in OUR DOGS – they launched a fight-back campaign which included extensive media coverage on the Internet, TV and radio, as well as an online petition, many letters and around 130 calls to the council, all of which finally persuaded Nottingham City Council to revert to its old rules.

Campaign Co-ordinator Michelle Morgan told OUR DOGS: ‘Well, we have won. They are leaving the tenancy agreement unchanged and maintaining the status quo as far as that clause is concerned. So, tenants are still not allowed cat and dogs in flats or maisonettes, but they can keep as many as is reasonably practicable in a house.

‘It’s a victory for commonsense and for responsible pet owners across the city.’