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Dobermann exhibitor attacked at event

AN OUR DOGS Breed Correspondent was attacked by an irate breeder and left with concussion at a dog club social event last weekend.

Marcia Cox was attending the Dobermann Classic event held at the Heathrow Park Hotel, London last Saturday evening, and was reporting on the event for this newspaper. The female breeder, who is understood to be from Essex, approached her earlier in the evening. The woman - who is believed to be banned from at least two dog clubs - allegedly verbally abused Mrs Cox and pushed her, before walking away.

She launched her attack later in the evening when Mrs Cox was sitting at a table talking to friends. The woman approached Mrs Cox and verbally abused her again. Mrs Cox told her to leave her alone and turned back to speak to her friends at which point the woman lunged at Mrs Cox, apparently punching her several times in the face and knocking her from her chair onto the floor. The woman continued her frenzied assault until she was pulled off Mrs Cox by a number of other guests and bundled out of the function room. The police were called, but the woman had left the hotel by this point after throwing a drink into Mrs Cox’s husband’s face.

Mrs Cox was taken to hospital, where she was examined and found to have a bruised cornea, resulting in blurred vision, as well as a chipped tooth, concussion, severe pain in her back and several bruises to her face and body. The woman had also ripped her dress during the assault.
The Secretary of the Dobermann Club Committee is believed to be looking into banning the woman from attending all other club events, whilst Mrs Cox has filed a formal complaint against the woman to the Kennel Club.

The assault is being investigated by police who will be interviewing the woman this week.
Marcia Cox told OUR DOGS: ‘There’s far too much of this sort of thing happening at dog shows and events nowadays. Some people just can’t control their tempers and seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to threaten, abuse or hit someone they disagree with or have a problem with. It’s only about dog showing – it’s supposed to be an enjoyable hobby for goodness’ sake.’
Mrs Cox could not comment on the incident itself as this is now the subject of a police investigation, but it is understood that there were several witnesses to the assault and that the police will most likely take statements from them.