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Number ten wins dog star award

NUMBER 10 has received a Dog Star Award in recognition of its accessibility for guide and assistance dog users.

Dog Star AwardThe prestigious award was presented to Phil Hope MP in Downing Street by representatives of Assistance Dogs UK (ADUK), an organisation for the registered charities training dogs for disabled people within the UK, including The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association and Hearing Dogs For Deaf People.

The Dog Star Award is a symbol of excellence given in recognition that premises or services meet the needs of all assistance dog users by providing, for example, induction loops for people with hearing impairment and wheelchair access. The awards scheme is part of an awareness campaign being run by ADUK throughout 2008, which has been nominated Year of the Assistance Dog.

Since December 1996, it has been unlawful for hoteliers and restaurant owners to refuse to serve a disabled person or offer a lower standard of service for reasons related to the person's disability. Since October 2004, the law also requires that service providers make reasonable adjustments to the physical features of their of premises to overcome the barriers to access.

ADUK aims to improve access for people who depend on those dogs in places such as supermarkets, restaurants, on public transport and in other public places.