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Stricter island rules on park fouling

STRICTER RULES on dog fouling have been introduced at a Manx beauty spot. The new by-law at Millennium Oakwood makes it an offence for owners to allow dog fouling in any part of the area, following a rise in complaints.

The Douglas parkland was established in the year 2000 with a mass planting of oak saplings by 6,500 primary school pupils. Previous rules only made it an offence not to pick up dog mess on a footpath, or within a metre of the footpath at Millennium Oakwood.

Brenda Cannell MHK, chairman of the Isle of Man government's forestry division, said: ‘Whilst generally the majority of dog owners comply with the by-laws in picking up faeces where deposited on paths, there have been increasing numbers of complaints about dog dirt across the whole site.

‘Those guilty of a dog fouling offence under the by-laws are liable to a fine of up to £1,000 and the department has achieved successful prosecutions for dog fouling in the past.’