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Field Spaniels drop in for a health check

The Field Spaniel Society held its second health testing day on Sunday 10th February bringing together a renowned group of specialists under one roof to offer great value for money. Professor Peter Bedford was in charge of Eye Testing, David Fisher in charge of Heart Testing and Keith Shea (Fit and Fertile) with Peter Chiwawa, Master of Veterinary Sciences (Reproduction Specialist) on Semen Testing and Collection.

Members of the Field Spaniel Society Health Committee and volunteers Maureen Wilson, John Robertshaw and Judith Harris staffed the stations to enable the smooth running of the day.

The day was open to all breeds and a variety of different shapes and sizes attended from Tervueren to Havanese. After a busy morning, the specialists sat down to lunch where as always the specialist discussed the issues of the day. By the time lunch was finished the car park was once again full of owners and dogs ready to have their eyes and heart tested. Also offered with prior arrangement were cheek swabs for DNA Profiling and for the DNA Archive. DNA Profiling provides a unique identification for your dog and the DNA archive allows you to store DNA at the Animal Health Trust to be utilised for future research into disease within your breed.

The Semen Testing and Collection was new to this event and in the end eight dogs took the opportunity to avail themselves of this facility. Others expressed and interest in this and I think more will take the opportunity in the future.

The total figures were 60 eye tests, 29 heart tests, 8 for semen Testing; 14 for DNA profiles and 15 for DNA Archive. Twenty-three Field Spaniels took part in 14 eye tests; 19 heart tests; 15 DNA Archive, 11 DNA Profiles and 4 for Semen Testing. There was much positive feedback from those that attended, and a request for them to be notified when we organise our next one in 2010.