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Drowned dogs found tied with wire

TWO DOGS have been found dead on the banks of the river Tyne with their snouts tied shut with wire. The two lurcher-type dogs were found drowned in two sacks weighed down with stones near the river in Ryton Willows, Gateshead last week.

The RSPCA said the dogs, both females, had been healthy and condemned those responsible for such a ‘cowardly’ act.

The animals were cream coloured, with semi-long hair. One was about six years old and the other approximately four years old.

RSPCA Inspector Tony Jackman, said: ‘It was a really distressing sight. These animals suffered a horrendous death.

‘We can only assume whoever did this could no longer care for them, and thought this was an appropriate way of getting rid of them. This was a cruel and cowardly act, and we desperately want to find the person responsible.’